Libbys on the Loose:2 Humans. 2 Great Danes. 1 RV.: Campgrounds and State Parks

Campgrounds and State Parks

Manatee Hammock Campground - Titusville, FL
Alafia River State Park - Lithia, FL
Gold Head Branch State Park - Keystone Heights, FL
Gamble Rogers State Park - Flagler Beach, FL
Bulow Creek State Park/Bulow Plantation Ruins
Elmore RV Park and Charlotte, NC
Sky Island Retreat RV Park and Campground
Mt. Mitchell State Park
Jetty Park Campground Review - Cape Canaveral, FL


  1. I noticed that you only have state parks and actual campgrounds listed here. Are there ever free spots that you guys stay? -Another free spirit RV traveler 2 years now :)

  2. We have found plenty of free spots on our travels already! However, since they are usually really out-of-the-way places, it's really difficult to describe how to find them as many times they are on unnamed roads or only available by GPS coordinates. Sadly, we have not written a lot of them down. In the future, we will work to add more free places in a separate section. We are really trying to listen to what our followers want, so we appreciate the feedback!