Libbys on the Loose:2 Humans. 2 Great Danes. 1 RV.: Our Kids

Our Kids

Guinness - a tribute to "Squishy"
Nyx - Greek Goddess of Night AKA Queen Nyx"

Meet "Moose" - our new addition to the family

Guinness and Nyx

Innocent little girl
She loves car rides!
Waiting to go on our next road trip!

This was not Photoshopped - real pic!
Rolling in style
It's playtime!

Guinness' "go" Face
Guinness has mastered the art of chillaxin'


  1. I love that black beauty!

  2. Beautiful puppies any tip on rving with Danes? We are planing on going rb with 2 toddlers and 1 Dane... First time too

    1. Get a second one! LOL We have found that, by having two, they tend to wear each other out. If that's not an option, depending on the age of your Dane, they travel very well. Nyx, by nature, is easy. She knows when we are getting on the road and calms into her spot very quickly. Moose, still being just over a year old, takes a little more to "persuade" to relax. That being said, this lifestyle is all he's ever known, so he's very well-behaved for his age. Hope this helps!

  3. I have two danes (Storm is 190lb and Rogue is only 80lb) and just bought a small class c (27ft). I'm looking forward to the 3 of us exploring. I'm g glad I found your site.

    1. Our two have been absolutely incredible and a joy to travel. We thought we were going to need a lot more room for them (and us) but have since found that we could very easily downsize to 30 or 29 foot! Good luck to you and thanks for following us!