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  1. My wife and I are kinda of new to RVing. We have a class A. We decided to use our shower as the storage for our cooler of iced beverages. The space is seldom used, and the melted ice goes right down the drain. If you want to use the shower you move the ice chest. Normally we use the
    RV park shower.

  2. Check out the autoformers. Many campgrounds are still not up to par & this has helped us tremendously

  3. Ugh! I need advice on making a bed in my trailer. It touches the walls on 3 sides, no walk around space. Putting a fitted sheet on just about kills me, it's so hard. Is there other options in bedding or a method that would work? I'm thinking about just switching to sleeping bags.

    1. You could at This is the option that we are thinking about since you can build custom sizes. The other option may be to have a custom bed (and sheets) made for it. While this may be most costly, it may be the best option.

    2. We pull the mattress toward the foot, lift the head and put on the fitted sheet, then slide it back toward the head and put on the foot part of the fitted. If you turn under the sheets and cover on each side so it is the same width as the top of the mattress it is neat and easy to get into.