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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Elmore RV Park Review and Charlotte, NC

Charlotte was never a place on our radar of "We simply MUST visit".  We ended up here because my (Jeanine's) Dad is a fan of Nascar.  Not a HUGE fan, he just like to catch the race when he's not out on his boat.  He does like to keep up with the leaders and also reads articles from time to time.  With all the issues with my back these past few years, one article in USAToday particular caught his attention as it could possibly help me.  So began our planning for a trip to Charlotte and a visit to OrthoCarolina.

Reedy Creek Dog Park
Nyx getting ready for a good run session
OrthoCarolina's primary Spine Center is located in downtown Charlotte so we wanted to find an RV park as close as possible, not knowing what the doctors would recommend. For all I knew, I would be going to physical therapy every day of the week!  We also didn't know much about this city other than Eric had a long-time friend from college living in the area.  Being that this is our first out of state trip with the new fifth wheel, and one to an area we'd never been, I relied on internet searches and the giant Good Sam book we purchased earlier this year.  There were several options for us to choose from, but only one that looked to be close to downtown.

Soul Gastrolounge
Elmore Rv Park is a short 10 minutes from downtown via taxi or Über.  Once we got here, we also discovered that also nearby is the Noda district, known for it's craft breweries, the Plaza Midwood neighborhood with many amazing places to eat (and drink) Soul Gastrolounge - (DO NOT miss - it's completely worth the long wait - use the app NoWait to find out what the wait time is AND claim a spot in line!) and Reedy Creek Park, home to a big dog park, 18-hole disc golf (very popular here), 10 miles of hiking, and so much more.

Elmore RV Park
Elmore is a mostly no-frills kind of place, but they do have concrete pads, water, power, sewer hook-ups and a pretty consistent wi-fi, which is important to us workin' folks!  They previously provided cable as well, but Charlotte's cable providers changed their policies recently and are now
requiring a special box to get service.  You can rent one of these for $30 for the month from the front office.  All sizes of dogs are welcome, as long as they are on a leash and you pick up after them.  They are pretty flexible if you have an extra trailer or need extra room to park any additional things that you travel with.  They do have many permeant residence living here full time both in Rv's and in mobile homes, which does make it difficult to get a prime tree'd spot.  Nearly everyone we've met here is friendly and happy to spend a few minutes talking, but mostly everyone keeps to themselves.  The area of Charlotte that Elmore is in does have trains nearby that are easy to hear when the a/c fans are off and in my opinion, I would say it is a migrant worker area (those who travel looking for jobs).  There is a lot of road construction in this area, we believe for a new mass transit rail line going into downtown.  All in all though, it's a quiet park and it's pretty easy to get around from and we didn't find it too difficult to find those above named areas that we really enjoyed spending time at.

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