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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Tahoe Valley RV Resort & Campground Review - South Lake Tahoe, Ca

Tahoe Valley RV Resort & Campground
1175 Melba Drive
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
(530) 541-2222
Rates:  $222 per week electric only

Summertime at Tahoe Valley
After leaving Park City, Utah  this past (2015-2016) ski season, we moved on to the last leg of the "Epic Pass" tour.  We started in Breckenridge, Colorado and skied Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, Beaver Creek and Vail - all on the Vail Resorts Epic Pass.  From there, we moved on to Park City, Utah and rode Park City and The Canyons resort.  From there, it was off to Lake Tahoe, California where we were meeting with friends that skied Squaw Valley every other season.  Since Heavenly, Kirkwood and Northstar are all within close proximity to Lake Tahoe and we got to see and ski with friends in Squaw Valley, it was the perfect way to round out our season!

The Office and Camp Store
Enter Tahoe Valley RV Resort & Campground.  Located in South Lake Tahoe close to Heavenly Ski Resort (yes, the Sonny Bono one..) we couldn't ask for a much better place in terms of location.  We were also about 40 mins south of Squaw Valley, so the commute wasn't horrible to visit.  The campground is located right in town but tucked away off the main road, so you don't hear traffic or any other street noise.  We visited the campground in late February 2016 in which time we simultaneously had 60+ degree days followed by insane amounts of snow (over 2 feet during our time there).  Needless to say, it made for an interesting time!

Looking across Lake Tahoe
The fickle weather conditions wouldn't have been an issue at all if there had been concrete slabs on the sites. Since there weren't, between the days of alternating warm and freezing, it made it very difficult to keep the RV properly leveled, etc.   Also, since it was just dirt parking on the sites, every time the snow and ice melted, we were greeted with a nice big puddle of sloppy, muddy mess.   The dogs loved playing in it - Momma and me having to clean them... not so much.  It probably wouldn't have been an issue had there not been such alternating weather temperatures, but that's the way it happened for our stay.

Second, not that there wasn't any kind of warning, but the fact that the water was completely shut off during freezing temps was a little off-putting.  Reason being - it's not nearly as easily to pull up everything, hitch up your rig, and refill water/empty sewer in the winter time.  Not to mention, it's cold!  For $220/week, we would have appreciated the ability to use the water providing we supplied our own heat tape, which we gladly would have.  Unfortunately, that wasn't an option.  We even offered to sign a waiver stating that we would replace the water bib should it freeze due to the fault of our equipment.  Again, completely understandable, but for an RV resort open and located near world class skiing, we would have like to see full services offered.

Lastly, we found it a bit difficult having mail delivered to the office.  We aren't sure if it was the fact that they weren't properly equipped or didn't know how to handle packages, etc, but most other places we've stayed have no issue with long term renters having mail, etc, delivered to the park if they are staying longer lengths of time.  Again, granted, we didn't stay for more than ten days, but we did have to have some things for the RV shipped and it was the best option.

Those are really the worst things.  All in all, the park had a lot of things we really enjoyed and would have liked to stay longer.  Because of the lack of water hookups and no option for sewer either, we opted to leave earlier than we had originally intended.  The park itself is in a great location and, as we found out during our stay, is under new management.  We are hoping that improvements have been and will continue to be made.  We haven't been back since, so we don't much more at this point.
Our crew at Squaw Valley

We had the opportunity to meet and talk with the new manager prior to our leaving and he seemed like he was very anxious to make improvements to the park as well as their reputation.  After bringing to his attention the items from this post as well as a few other suggestions for revenue-increasing improvements, he assured us that he would be taking our suggestions to the ownership of the property and hopefully getting some changes in motion.  We are eager to revisit again (maybe not during the winter) and see if the other seasons are more in line with what we expected. We suspect they will be much better prepared during the normal peak camping season....

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