Libbys on the Loose:2 Humans. 2 Great Danes. 1 RV.: Welcome!

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Hi!  Welcome to our blog!  We are Eric and Jeanine.  Today is the day - the day that we decided (and set a timeline) to start the process of converting from being sedentary (read: live in a home) to living in a recreational vehicle.  We have always been the type to want to travel, explore, and experience differing cultures and lifestyles so it only naturally seemed like we were going to end up doing something like this!  The most difficult part of this transition, so far, has been making the decision to make this change.  We have a new truck, a new RV, and a new attitude on adjusting our work to fit in our lives instead of the way we've been living, letting our work consume our lives. 

So what do we hope to achieve with this blog?  We were once the couple that had dreams of one day "retiring" (we'll get back to that later) and traveling the country, continent, and the rest of the world.  This is the path that most people set out for themselves, almost starting as early as we start to learn the ways of the world.  While this is the path that most people take: school, college, career, retire - we are taking a different path.  Jeanine and I have always led "non-traditional" lives in our approach with how we view the world.  If we can make it easier much in the ways that other blogs such as these have made our transition choice a reality, then we've done our jobs as bloggers.  In addition, we want to chronicle our journeys and document those things that we recommend and those we don't.  We tend to see things in ways that others don't - many times to a fault, many times to an advantage depending on who's asking! :)

The perfect example is this change of lifestyle for us:  many have told us that we are foolish for "walking away" or "escaping".  This is often the case for anyone who "goes against the grain" and steps out on their own against the best of advice.   But for those who don't understand any other way, like us, there is that incessant need to get out and experience life.  Our journey started with a 23' toy hauler that we quickly outgrew.  I challenge anyone to try living comfortably with two Great Danes in a 23' toy hauler with no slides!  I'm sure it can be done for extended periods, but we aren't to proud to admit that we aren't the guinea pigs to try it!

For those of you who know us,  you know that our dogs are our children and they pretty much go everywhere with us.   Guinness, a 4 year old fawn male Great Dane that suffers from Wobbler's Syndrome, is our sweet boy.  He gets around a little slowly, but has a big heart and moves with utter determination!  Nyx is our year-and-a-half old black Great Dane that is an absolute riot!  She is Guinness' puppy that we got as his "therapy" dog (try to hold back your laughter and head shaking).  We will refer to them many times in our posts, but will also be posting information on their page, Our Kids.  We will be sharing our trials (and surely subsequent tribulations) with traveling with larger dogs and staying in public lands, private campgrounds, state parks, and private lands. 

Living on the road is not for everyone.  It goes against the American Dream of having a large house with an endless list of possessions and creature comforts.  This is not that type of journey.  This is the journey that leads us down the road to reduction, refocus, and revitalization.  Reduction of daily "static" and appreciating what is truly important, committing ourselves to our careers by contributing in different capacities and focusing on how we can best contribute to their respective successes, and mobilizing our lifestyle to re-energize and stimulate our minds:  All of these play pivotal roles in this lifestyle change.  By including our work in our daily lives while doing and seeing the things we've always dreamed about,  we will be able to live more efficiently, economically, and above all, living our lives happily and fulfilled.  Join us as we begin our journey of a lifetime - our new lifetime. 


  1. Jeanine, I really enjoy what yall share. Great information!
    I have the very exact condition as you except I've had the surgery and plenty of hardware. That pain is very sobering & does change one's perspective on life, as you mentioned. If I may ask, what type of work do you do which allows you this lifestyle? That is the big thing holding us up.
    We'll be following yall!

  2. Nancye,
    Thank you for following our blog! I am sorry to hear that you have the same condition, but it sounds that like me, you don't let it stop you from dreaming! Eric and I are fortunate to work for a family owned car rental company. He has recently changed positions within the company and is now the Sales and Marketing manager. I am the Group Coordinator and Claims manager. We both do many additional tasks within the company, but are lucky enough that they can be done with a phone and internet connection. We found that there are many opportunities and different ways to work with your employer in all kinds of industries so you can fit your work into your life instead of the other way around. It does take some creative thinking and willingness to make sacrifices! We never imagined that we would be in the process of becoming even part-time Rver's at this point in our lives. In the near future we will be blogging about how we made our home work for us (we jokingly call it our "employee" now LOL) which is what really has afforded us this opportunity.