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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

TICO Warbird Airshow 2015 with USAF Thunderbirds

What an amazing show!!  Campgrounds anywhere
in the area sell out for this event every year.  If you
want to check it out, book early!
The TICO Warbird Airshow is put on by the TICO Warbird Museum every year.  They usually run the event out of the Space Coast Regional Airport.  This was truly one of the best airshows either one of us have ever seen.   With the US Air Force Thunderbirds headlining,  we knew it was destined to be a great show!  Making it even better was the fact that we got to watch the show right on the Indian River at Manatee Hammock Campground.  They have a great (long) T-dock that is perfect for viewing the show, or there is a large, grassy field along the water's edge where most of the crowd of eager eyes were to the air for most of the afternoon - and with good reason!

Jeanine and I had just arrived at the campground when we already started to hear them over head.  The roar of the jet-powered F-16 Fighting Falcons echoed across the river delighting the crowd's auditory senses.  With every fly-by, the Thunderbirds dashed across the sky executing razor-sharp  synchronized moves.  Barrel rolls, the occasional sonic booms, and a dizzying array of g-force inducing maneuvers had me wondering how we just found out about this show.  Truth be told, I was under the impression that this was just the vintage planes - guess Jeanine was right on this one!  Check out the pics and videos below
Air Force Thunderbirds streaking across the sky

2+2 Formation

Tough call - are these guys more talented than the Blue Angels?!
 Check out this awesome video put together by the
Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum!

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